We are filled with hope!

We can feel the rising angst from all directions: climate change, political bifurcation, mounting mental illness and suicide, mass shootings, world tensions, authoritarianism, etc. How can we, as individuals, carry out our daily, cheerful lives in peace when the problems of a globalized world affect everything, where everyone senses a rising tide of crises approaching? We believe in the transformative power of the creative individual.  We are filled with hope!

This is us:

Coeleen Kiebert, M.S.


Coeleen Kiebert exhibits her ceramic and bronze sculpture both nationally and internationally. She has created two major bodies of work…figurative images from her unconscious that relate to her life journey and abstract garden pieces that are inspired by her many travels to China and Japan.

Coeleen studied the concepts of C. G. Jung as they apply to the psychology of the creative process. She also participated in research that became formative in emerging ideas about the artistic personality. Through examination of levels of consciousness as artists worked, Coeleen developed a method for opening ways to make the creative process accessible to others. She is also author of All of a Sudden: The Creative Process, an exploration of the psychological process of creating. She is also completing her latest book ART AND SPIRIT, a Memoir, which will be published 2023.

Coeleen’s hope for Confluence 23:
I look forward to gathering with others who are also seeking  wisdom from with-in to find solutions for our challenging times  by engaging with tools of the creative arts, teachings of C. G.Jung and other visionary psychologists of the unconscious, and dialogue with each other.  What a unique opportunity! 


Skip Conover


Skip is a retired Marine and internationally oriented Executive, having founded and grown businesses in Japan, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the U.S. over 4 decades. He prides himself for developing for his own use the Art of Weaving Golden Threads (which are invisible). He founded a now public company on his back porch, and that company became the largest in its industry in 7 years. In 2010 he Founded the Archetype in Action website, and in 2016 he founded the Carl Jung Depth Psychology Reading Group on YouTube, which has over 18,000 subscribers.

Skip’s hope for Confluence 23:

From Confluence ’23 we expect to expand our cultural innovation into new arenas with many new friends and participants.  During our event we will spin new Golden Threads and weave them together into an ever-increasing culture of artists and curious and committed individuals, who are anxious to find a new way forward in our collective culture.  There is no question in my mind that we will find new ways to bind ourselves together individually, as organizers, and as new friends and participants. 

Such a development cannot be rationally worked out as some sort of Frankenstein like science project.  It is only from our interactions before, during, and after the event that something new can emerge.  What will we think about it in November ‘23 and thereafter?





Skip’s YouTube

Jan Jackson


Jon is an award-winning poet and has worked in radio for most of his life. He’s a former Chair and Board Member of the Numina Center for Spirituality & the Arts. He currently facilitates a Rilke reading group sponsored by the Friends of the San Francisco Jung Institute. He has led various depth book and video discussion groups for many years. He currently teaches classes on “Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet” and “A Psychological Approach to the Old Testament.”

Sherrie Lovler


Sherrie is a painter, poet and calligrapher, exploring where these three disciplines meet. Her art and poems are published in her award winning book, On Softer Ground. From 1978-1985 she co-created a yearly back-to-the-land festival and co-produced Homesteaders News magazine. 

Sherrie’s passion is pairing her paintings and poems. She has a BA in Studio Art and teaches calligraphic painting both online and nationally.


Tim Holmes


Tim is the first American artist ever invited to give a solo exhibit at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, the world’s largest art museum, where his sculptures remain on permanent display. His work has gained notice also among some of the world’s peacemakers. Nobel prize winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter are among Holmes’ best-known collectors.

Holmes was commissioned to create the U.N. Women’s Peace Prize and has created sculpture for other international projects, including the South African bid for the Olympics. Holmes believes art will heal the world in these troubling times.

Tim’s hope for Confluence 23:

I hope to help create a temenos for creative thinking into which others can unfold those creative ideas that come from deep within every person. However humanity survives the looming crises, those ideas will have come from just this sort of open, hopeful, compassionate group trying to grow into an uncertain and unenvisioned future.  

Tim’s website



Judith Stone


Judith was ordained in the United Methodist Church (UMC) in 1979, with a special focus in  theology and the arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Fine Arts from U.C. Berkeley, and a Master of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley. .  She was one of the early members of the Berkeley Poets Cooperative, the oldest non-profit Poet’s Workshop in the U.S.

She wrote with Poets and Astronomers in San Francisco, studied Creative Writing at San Diego State University with Glover Davis and Chico State University with George Keithley, and with Iris Jamal Dunkle, in Sebastopol. She has been an advocate for women, LGBTQIA, and other social justice issues, in the church and out, since the 1970’s.  She was the Environmental Justice Co-Ordinator for California Nevada UMC in the 1990’s, now a liaison to the Climate Justice Movement in the UMC.


Judith Stone

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