The Creator’s Art: A Vision for the Future Through Art, Psychology and Creativity

Our Oct. 12-15 event will be full of activities and options for unfolding a new creative vision.

Mission Statement

The creative individual is a source of the continuing power of evolution that can give birth to the dawn of a new wholeness. We need a greater capacity to access our unconscious creative potential, that values Mother Earth and includes both the masculine  and the feminine principles. A renewing, (balancing) and rising feminine can be seen today, in the world and in us. We are gathering together to explore and pursue these principles through art, psychology and Self.


For orientation to our event, we ask that participants read a wonderful article on the state of the soul of the society we inhabit, Thomas Arzt’s The Way of What is to Come.

Bringing the creative unconscious to envision a new cultural unfolding.

Please join us!



Approaches to healing

Our three elements of focus:


We all carry within us a rejected, repressed or evil part of ourselves. Identifying with our ego, the part that is “not me” is projected into those around us. Here is our starting point.

What’s Shadow?


Carl Jung says that the process of becoming fully human starts with each person confronting the opposing forces within them, respectfully giving each opposing aspect their own voice.

Why Opposites?

rising feminine

We’re born into a culture that has historically preferenced masculine qualities. If humanity is to survive we must embrace the feminine; relating, nurturing, inclusive, sensual.


Other optional activities:

Coeleen Kiebert home and studio tour


Coeleen Kiebert purchased a home overlooking the beach in Aptos, CA., in 1970. Ever since then she’s worked nearly daily on her art and teaching local artists ceramic art techniques, painting and collage. Her studio/home is like a museum, festooned with countless artworks by herself and other notable artists.

We will tour Coeleen’s space and relax on her deck to discuss the studio and its art and reflect on the unfolding of Confluence 23.  No charge for the tour.






Visit the Mary Holmes Chapel

Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes built a sunny studio on her mountain-top property in Santa Cruz where she could paint in her time off from lecturing in the Art History department at UCSC. She continued to create work long after her retirement. The studio remains there today, along with a chapel and stables, filled with her paintings and treasures.

In 1993, at the age of 83, Holmes designed a chapel to house a collection of her favorite paintings. The design was executed by Larry Makjavich and filled with Mary’s artwork.  

No charge for the tour.