The Creator’s Art: A Vision for the Future Through Art, Psychology and Creativity

Our Oct. 12-15 event will be full of activities and options for unfolding a new creative vision.

Mission Statement

The creative individual is a source of the continuing power of evolution that can give birth to the dawn of a new wholeness. We need a greater capacity to access our unconscious creative potential, that values Mother Earth and includes both the masculine  and the feminine principles. A renewing, (balancing) and rising feminine can be seen today, in the world and in us. We are gathering together to explore and pursue these principles through art, psychology and Self.


For orientation to our event, we ask that participants read a wonderful article on the state of the soul of the society we inhabit, Thomas Arzt’s The Way of What is to Come.

Bringing the creative unconscious to envision a new cultural unfolding.

Please join us!



Approaches to healing

Our three elements of focus:


We all carry within us a rejected, repressed or evil part of ourselves. Identifying with our ego, the part that is “not me” is projected into those around us. Here is our starting point.

What’s Shadow?


Carl Jung says that the process of becoming fully human starts with each person confronting the opposing forces within them, respectfully giving each opposing aspect their own voice.

Why Opposites?

rising feminine

We’re born into a culture that has historically preferenced masculine qualities. If humanity is to survive we must embrace the feminine; relating, nurturing, inclusive, sensual.


Optional pre-event activity:

Visit the Monterey Peninsula   Oct. 10-12

Tim Holmes leads a trip to his beautiful, ancestral haunt

Tim’s great aunt moved to Carmel in 1918 following her service as a WWI nurse and bought a house built by California’s famous woman architect, Julia Morgan, near the beach, which we can also view.  Historic Monterey Peninsula, where we’ll stay and explore for two days, is about 40 miles south of Mt. Madonna. It’s is packed with sights that any visitor to the area should really see.

Tour Choices:

Our time is limited, so choices will be based on group priorities and what’s possible,

time-space-continuum-wise. The following are our suggested possibilities:

Carmel area:

____Carmel Beach…we have to at least take a peek. 

Walk the beach or on the street, lovely whatever way you look at it.  Possible whale or dolphin sightings, Robinson Jeffer’s famous Tor House and the only Frank Lloyd Wright house anywhere built on the beach.

____Carmel Mission/Basilica and grounds. 

Closed Mon-Tues; Wed, Thurs 10-4; Fri, Sat 10-5, Sun 11:30-5

Adults $13

Seniors (62+) $10  Note: groups 10+ must reserve in advance

There are self-guided tour maps for Basilica and Grounds available upon entry

Guided Group Visits available in advance but preferred dates may not be available

____Center for Photographic Art. Carmel.  Founded by Ansel Adams. Run for years by his Assistants.  October show is, unfortunately and atypically:  Photographic Images of the Old West.  Nevertheless, the Center has a good library.  (Wed-Sun noon-4pm or by appt.)

____Winfield Gallery. Carmel.  This is the unflashy jewel of Bay Area Galleries with a gallerist dedicated to his artists and art of the highest caliber, not just sales of the current flavor.  

____Point Lobos National Park—831-624-4909  (5 min from Carmel Mission)

Location: Hwy 1 just south of Carmel

Hours: 8am-7pm (last entry 6:30pm.)  

$10 entrance per vehicle, or $9 for seniors). Note: tours and buses (I imagine BIG buses) require special event permit.

A stunning immersion in one of the most dramatic views of the Northern California coast. 

Hiking along the stunning coastline on a multi-level pathway may be challenging for some, though the majority of the trail is wheelchair-accessible.

$1 walk-in fee from Hwy 1.  (Free parking on Hwy is available by luck and timing)

Monterey area: (15 min. approximate drive time from Carmel):

____Monterey Bay Aquariumone of the world’s best, in the middle of Monterey’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf, in Steinbeck Country.  

Hours: daily 10am-5pm.  Performances/feedings daily throughout the week.  

Book Ahead:   No on-site nor telephone ticket sales, only via website.  No group rates available.  Their box office recommends booking about 2 days in advance, as this is not peak season.  Saturdays are busiest.  They usually don’t sell out.

Adults (18-69) $59.95.   Senior (70+)    $49.95

____Monterey Museum of Art.  Tsherin Sherpa:  Different Worlds.  Tibetan thanga painter of deities, archetypal figures, myth…represented Tibet in Venice Biennale/2022.  Also from Permanent Collection:  California Impressionists.  Thur-Sun 11-5;  $15 adults

____Youth Arts Collective (YAC).  (near Museum). An extensive, demanding art school–for teens in trouble, mainly.  Fantastic results.  Very large studio building.  Highly effective program.  If desired, a tour may be arranged.  https://www.yacstudios.org/

––Further down Big Sur Coast to or near Big Sur;  (50 mins from Carmel)

Lunch at a fabled restaurant like one of these:

____Nepenthe: open 11:30-3:30/lunch, 5-10/dinner, no reservations. (fabulous coast views) 

____Deetjen’s Restaurant:  open 8-noon; 5:30-8:30pm, (Tues-Wed. only mornings).

____Big Sur River Inn:  8am-9pm daily. Big Sur’s original restaurant overlooking river. 

And toward Mt. Madonna: (30 mins from Carmel)  

____Elkhorn Slough.   A living wetland inland from the Great Underwater Canyon which dispenses new species every day (this apparently is NO exaggeration) for Marine Biologists–including those at the Aquarium–to study.  Wed-Sunday 9am-5pm. $4.12 entry fee.

____There are boat trips with naturalists, kayak trips and hikes available. (Boat trips at 11:15am daily@ 831-633-5555). Adults $43; Seniors $40


When registering, please assign your preferences for these choices, beginning with your #1.

Book your own housing (on Monterey peninsula) for Oct. 10 & 11, or call Maureen Davidson for some help; 831-316-6451. 

We’ll be taking private cars so we don’t all have to follow the same schedule. We’ll make arrangements as we review the circumstances of participants.

Costs will be the sum of room + board + entry fees + splitting rental vehicles; perhaps roughly $800-900 for two days for each party.